Louisiana, Denmark  2010
ImageI took this photo a few years ago on a trip to Copenhagen.  A friend drove us to Louisiana (about an hour away from Copenhagen) to visit the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art and it is this stunning landscape which surrounds it.  This is where i wish to be again right now (at least the sun is shining in London today… well a bit anyway!).

lin de roth: scandinavia meets africaI came across Maiken Linderoth, the Danish accessory designer behind LIN DE ROTH in the latter part of 2011 selling her one-off necklaces on broadway market, east London and literally ran to her stall! I saw a necklace (well, I saw many necklaces that were just amazing!) and knew instantly that it was for me. Broadway market became my new place to go on a saturday morning and as a result I began to know more about Maiken, what she does and where she gets her inspiration from.

With a Masters in Knitwear Design from the Royal College of Art, Maiken’s talents are not only in fashion and textiles but also in jewellery design. Growing up with a mother who has her own accessory business and travels mainly to Africa and Asia in search of precious beads and stones and a father who went on expeditions to north-east Greenland, it is clear that she has inherited both sides of her parent’s fascinating occupations.  

Now based in Germany, Maiken continues to build on her collection gaining ideas from the new culture and environment she is now in.  For me, I see LIN DE ROTH as an exciting hybrid of two cultures that I have a deep interest in. The Scandinavian simplicity that is lined with symmetrical precision and the vibrant African (and Asian) hues produce aesthetic designs that are unique and exclusive.

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