In the memory of Nelson Mandela who died of a lung infection on 5 December 2013 at his home in Houghton, Johannesburg. He was 95 years of age and surrounded by his family.
Written by Naomi Campbell. Excerpt from L’Uomo Vogue, November 2008

The prison and the enforced solitude. The fisted salute to the cheering crowds when set free in 1990. Nowadays Nelson Mandela continues to be a tireless champion of peace for South Africa and the entire world

On 22nd of June 1990, a month after my 20th birthday, Nelson Mandela, the President of the Anc (African National Congress), came to New York to take part in several fund-raising events. When Mandela arrived with his wife, Winnie, it was like a ray of sunshine appearing to me. I was asked to be a member of the judging panel for Miss World’s contest in 1992, to be held in Lost…

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Novelist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie talks about the danger of narrow mindedness that stems mainly from mass media and western literature and how having one view of a culture, country (in this case continent!) or race can lead to people misjudging, stereotyping and in a way missing out on discovering a whole other side of a culture, country, continent and race they never knew about. No matter where we’re from or what experiences we’ve had, we’re more similar than different.

Though I haven’t watched very many TED talks, this one by far is one of my favourites.




I recently got back from a short break to Morocco and the destination this time was the Atlas Mountains.  My sister and I stayed in the secluded Widiane Suites & Spa hotel and it was one of the most magnificent locations I have stayed in so far on my travels.  We arrived at Marrakech airport and although the drive was three and a half hours long, when we arrived we were bathed in, not  sunshine (unfortunately) but a warm welcome, some Moroccan treats and the realisation that we were staying in a truly remote and beautiful place that overlooked vast mountains and plains. The Widiane Suites & Spa experience is a unique one in the sense that it is a hybrid of Moroccan and Thai cultures and offers both traditional Moroccan spa treatments and Thai massages as well as tasty Moroccan food (and of course classic mint tea).  The Thai massage was by far the best massage I have ever had! The activities included a boat trip, trekking in the mountains, which we never got to partake in because of the rain – probably a good idea seeing as we didn’t pack the most appropriate footwear and clothes for an expedition in the mountains!  We even had a Moroccan cooking class, which has given me some ideas about how to cook, mix and compliment spices.  The level of service by staff was absolutely outstanding and can see exactly why this hotel is considered a five star haven of luxury for nature lovers.

Travelling back to Marrakech on the last day felt familiar, surreal and warmer! As we made our way through the souks to see what bargaining we could do, we visited our friends who made us Moroccan tea and we made a  promise to them – that we’d be back again soon!  

lin de roth: scandinavia meets africaI came across Maiken Linderoth, the Danish accessory designer behind LIN DE ROTH in the latter part of 2011 selling her one-off necklaces on broadway market, east London and literally ran to her stall! I saw a necklace (well, I saw many necklaces that were just amazing!) and knew instantly that it was for me. Broadway market became my new place to go on a saturday morning and as a result I began to know more about Maiken, what she does and where she gets her inspiration from.

With a Masters in Knitwear Design from the Royal College of Art, Maiken’s talents are not only in fashion and textiles but also in jewellery design. Growing up with a mother who has her own accessory business and travels mainly to Africa and Asia in search of precious beads and stones and a father who went on expeditions to north-east Greenland, it is clear that she has inherited both sides of her parent’s fascinating occupations.  

Now based in Germany, Maiken continues to build on her collection gaining ideas from the new culture and environment she is now in.  For me, I see LIN DE ROTH as an exciting hybrid of two cultures that I have a deep interest in. The Scandinavian simplicity that is lined with symmetrical precision and the vibrant African (and Asian) hues produce aesthetic designs that are unique and exclusive.

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