documentary: black sun


Black sun used to be a documentary that I didn’t watch very often and those of you who may have seen it will understand why. After sitting in my small collection of DVD’s for some years, I watched it again a couple of days ago and it reminded me of how extraordinary people are in their daily lives.  French artist, Hugues de Montalembert was attacked on the streets of New York in 1978 and as a result was left blind 24 hours later.

No matter how many times you watch a film/documentary there is always something new that captures your thoughts and listening to his story again recently, has provided me with some new insights. Instead of trying to avoid watching this film like I did in the past, I now understand how important it is to watch it as a reminder to myself.  A reminder not to let fear get in the way of what you want to do, go or see.  A reminder (in the words of The Secret), the goodness that you want is already here and it’s just a matter of aligning yourself with the universe.  I see a man, an artist, a traveller of the world who embraces life even more  than he did before. His blindness has in a sense opened his eyes to the endless possibilities that life has and the kindness that people have to offer. A remarkable story, a remarkable man, a remarkable life.  Gary Tarn’s documentary is a powerful and uplifting film that forces you to reassess your attitudes towards the world, life and all our senses that we perhaps sometimes take for granted .  In the words of Montalembert:

‘vision is a creation … some people use their eyes to avoid obstacles, not to look at the world or to understand something. In fact they are not really interested in looking at all.’


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