christina skreiberg


Christina Skreiberg is a freelance feature journalist, photographer, DJ and designer from Norway.  I met Christina in London about 6-7 years ago (wow can’t believe it’s been so long!).  During her four years in London, she gained a degree in Journalism from City University London and launched the east London magazine “ditched” which got her a nomination for The Guardian Student Media Award for her work as editor and publisher.  Now living in Oslo, Christina has been pursuing her dream of working as a freelance journalist, a career which has led her to be involved in various different projects and travel all over the world writing about a range of topics that she is passionate about, some of which include sociocultural issues, art and travel. For the past year she has helped launch as well as being the commissioning editor for a new Norwegian newspaper called Aftenposten Junior. What’s so cool about this is, it’s a newspaper especially for kids (and the first of its kind in Norway), giving children a voice on issues that are important to them:


Now ready to move on from this valuable learning experience, Christina is set to continue with her freelance work, photography and making interesting accessories.  I feel so lucky to know such an amazing and wonderful person who has such a creative imagination and love of the world.  Here is a range of Christina’s features, photography and accessories:




Find out more about Christina and all the wonderful things she’s up to on her blog: and website:


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