we live in a beautiful world


John Kenny is a UK photographer who I came across two years ago at an exhibition of his work at the Capital Culture Gallery in Covent Garden, London. His pictures are the result of hundreds of hours spent walking, hitching and driving across Sub-Saharan Africa, documenting the lives and traditions of some of the most remote communities in the world.

For me, these images are utterly breathtaking, exquisite and beautiful and reminds me of the beautiful world we live in.  I admire the work he does and I too share his love of Africa.

Go on John Kenny’s website to see more: www.john-kenny.com

  1. So cool. Are the two people on the left the same person or related? They have the same nose.

    • I know! These photos are amazing. Hmm, i’m not sure if they are related but you can go onto his website to have a look 🙂

      • It doesn’t say, but I looked closer at the larger picture and they are not the same person. There must be some genetics in common. The website is amazing. Gorgeous and interesting faces.

  2. reeloldreads said:

    These are stunning photos! Thanks for sharing them.

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